Finals Week Reminders

First, please get your proctor requests in as soon as possible. The number of exams are increasing as I write this, so to get your accommodation, put your request in. Don’t count on another DSP student putting a proctor request in for the exam, and hope that you will be grouped with them at the last minute – we have seen this not work out well for the stragglers, as they may submit a proctor request at the last minute, after the exams have been left at the drop off location for the proctor to pick up – this could be the morning of an afternoon or evening exam. That last minute submitter would have to take the exam with the class, as there was not enough time to arrange for that late request.

Remember to bring your ID, along with your blue book or Scantrons & pencil/pen, to your exam location. Also, please bring as little as possible to the exam location – just your pen/pencil, scantrons & blue book, etc. If you bring your phone, it will need to be placed on the other side of the room while you take your exam, and you will not be able to take it with you if you take a bathroom break.

Make sure you have the correct time and location for your exam. You also should be sure to check the online system before your exam to be sure you have the correct amount of time (50% or 100% extended time).  If your time is incorrect, talk to your professor about changing the time, and have him/her email us – the only way we can change the time is if the professor notifies us before the exam.

If you have overlapping finals, you must talk to your professors about changing the time/day of the exam IMMEDIATELY. DSP cannot make this change without written permission from the instructors. After getting permission for this change you can submit a proctor request for the negotiated day for your exam. There is no guarantee of a proctor being hired if DSP does not have 10 days to arrange for a proctor, so take care of this as soon as possible.

Also, if you are finishing an Incomplete from a previous quarter and need to take a final exam, please contact your professor as soon as possible to arrange the details for this exam – because it is not one of the classes you are currently registered for, it will not show up on your list of classes from the Registrar’s office, and cannot be automatically arranged for in our online system. If this is the case for you, email your professor and CC your Disability Specialist to begin that process. Be sure your professor has all of the details for the exam (start and end time, exam pickup and drop off location, exam location, any specific instructions (notes, calculator, etc.)).  You may want to contact your Disability Specialist to reinforce these details for you, so come on in.

Remember to show up on time – you will be eating into your extended time if you show up late, and if you are more than 30 minutes late, the proctor will leave and return the exam to the classroom/drop of location (you would have to take the exam with the rest of the class). So, don’t be late.

One last thing – last minute time changes are not able to be accommodated – even if you get permission from your professor to start the exam later or take it the next day, we cannot guarantee a proctor or a room will be available at that new time. If you need to schedule your exams at different times, please do this as you are submitting your proctor requests, so it is scheduled how you prefer from your initial request.

Gary White, Director