Transportation Options for Injured or Disabled Students (Short Term)

Contact & Location: UCSB Transportation & Parking Services & Campus Map Location

“Parking Services accommodates requests for temporary, special parking arrangements for 30 days only, provided a doctor's letter accompanies the request.”

TPS will allow and support the students’ option to purchase a ‘C’ parking permit for the perimeter lots based on class schedules, club needs, etc.

If you have become Temporarily Disabled, please take a doctor’s note to the DMV for a temporary ADA Placard. ADA Placard applications are available at the DMV offices in Santa Barbara & Goleta or online.

  • With an ADA Placard, Permit holders will be given an additional parking options around campus.
  • A valid UCSB parking permit with a valid ADA Placard is allowed to park in any Disabled spaces, any time zones (for unlimited amount of time), any parking meters (without additional payment), and any unmarked spaces within any “A” Faculty, “B” Staff, or “C” Student/Visitors lots.
  • Short term parking permits may be purchased from the dispenser inside the parking lots and must be displayed with the ADA Placard.
  • For Long-Term Disability, please present your ADA Placard and DMV paperwork to parking services for a 30-DAY, Quarterly, or Annual parking permit.

Prolonged Illnesses or Disabilities (more than 30 days)

For special parking accommodations due to prolonged illnesses or disabilities, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a Temporary Disabled Parking Placard. Displaying your DMV Disabled Placard and a valid UCSB permit allows you to park at meters on campus without inserting coins and in disabled stalls. You should have a doctor’s letter with you for the DMV.

MTD Accessibility

All MTD buses and shuttles are fully accessible and are ramp or lift-equipped for persons using a wheelchair. Call 805.963-3366 (

Yellow Cab

Will pick up students and bill their BARC if student can show UCSB ID with perm number. Call 805.965.5111.

Wheelchairs & Motorized Scooters

Ask your doctor for a “prescription” to rent a manual or electric wheelchair/mobility scooters/walkers and other mobility items. Consult the insurance advisor in the main lobby of SHS as your SHIP insurance may cover some of the cost. Prices are subject to change and range from $200-300/mo plus delivery charge. Below are some local vendors for your convenience; please note that UCSB does not evaluate their services and cannot make any recommendations of quality or service.

  • Mobility Masters of Santa Barbara: motorized scooters only | 805.962.2552
  • Federal Drug Company: wheelchairs, walkers, crutches | 805.687.7551
  • Santa Barbara Healthcare: motorized scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and knee scooters | 805.892.4501