Testing Referrals

Educational Testing Referrals

Psycho-educational testing that is required to receive services for a learning disability or AD/HD can be obtained from several local service providers. A list of these providers may be obtained from any disabilities specialist in our office.

If you have never been tested for a Learning Disability or Attention Deficit Disorder, prior to undertaking extensive testing, we strongly recommend you make an appointment with the appropriate specialist in the DSP office.

AD/HD - David Dunlop

LD - Claudia Batty

Community referrals for disability diagnoses can also be obtained through the Disabled Students Program. The Disabled Students Program maintains a list of community referrals covered by USHIP and GSHIP insurance and referrals who offer UCSB students a discounted rate for assessments.

For students obtaining a referral for testing from DSP, the insurance deductible is waived for educational testing. Testing is covered at an 80% benefit. Students will be referred to Student Health Service to meet with an insurance advisor for more specific information. Students will need to meet their deductible for any other health services.

Please note: UCSB does not provide testing for ADHD or Learning Disabilities.