A department may receive a request from a member of the UCSB community or the public for a sign language interpreter to provide access for an event. DSP coordinates all campus-wide and community requests, however the cost for these services is the responsibility of the hosting group or department. Because of Santa Barbara’s geographic isolation and high cost of living, it is sometimes difficult to find an interpreter or CART transcriptionist on short notice. As such, departments should request services as far in advance as possible. If the University cannot obtain these services, departments should try to provide an alternative accommodation. Departments are responsible for paying for interpreters and DSP will recharge departments for the costs. If necessary, departments may seek funds from their control unit and consult with the ADA Compliance Office for other potential sources of funding.

ASL interpreting runs approximately $80 per hour with a minimum 2 hour charge. Weekend events and events for which we receive a request less than 72 hours in advance will necessitate a surcharge from the agencies. For longer conferences there may be a need to cover up to an hour of prep time, particularly if there will be a lot of terminology specific to a discipline that may not be commonplace vernacular.  Events lasting over 90 minutes in duration will require a team of two interpreters who switch off due to the risk of RSI (repetitive stress injury).

Interpreter Request Form



ASL Interpreter interpreting for the Mayor of Long Beach