Requesting Notetaking Services

This guide is designed to show you the basic steps in requesting Notetaking assistance in your classes. It does not replace the Notetaking contract in the DSP Services Portal under the "Your Services" tab as well as in the DSP online System Manual for students. Don't hesitate to contact your Disabilities Specialist or call 805.893.2668 if you have any questions.

Step 1: Submit Schedule

  • After logging into the DSP system, select "Services” at the top of the screen.
  • Then, select "Submit Schedule" tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click in each box next to the classes you want Notetakers (A check √ will appear next to each class).
  • Click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the screen (a red message will appear at the top confirming that your request was successfully submitted).
Please note that only classes you are enrolled in will appear. If you just changed your classes, it will take 24 hours to be reflected in the DSP System.

Step 2: Notetaking Requests

  • After submitting your schedule, select the "Notetaking Requests" tab at the top of the screen.
  • Check to see status of your Notetaker (Filled versus Not Filled).
  • If the status is Filled, click on "View Request" to get information on who your Notetaker is, evaluate your Notetaker, and obtain notes if they are uploaded by your Notetaker.
  • If the status is Not Filled, DSP will send confidential emails (indicated by: "first letter sent ___date" or "second letter sent ____ date" on the "Notetaking Requests" screen) to your instructors asking them to make announcements (verbal or via email) to your class. This process may take several weeks. You can expedite the process by recruiting a classmate (who must be enrolled in the class) or the Teaching Assistant to be your Notetaker.
  • Check the online system at least once per week to be sure you are receiving notes and that your notes are complete.

Concerns with Your Notes

  • If there are any problems, first contact your Notetaker.
  • If you do not receive a response right away, alert DSP by (1) contacting Elizabeth Ross, the Notetaking Service Coordinator, at 805.893.6088 or (2) completing a Notetaker evaluation (click on "Notetaker Evaluation" in the DSP Services Portal).

If Notes Are No Longer Needed

  • Log into the DSP Services Portal.
  • Click on "Submit Schedule" tab at the top of the screen.
  • "Uncheck" the class you originally requested notes for.
  • Click on "Submit”

Using Livescribe Pens

What is a Livescribe pen?

A ballpoint pen with an embedded computer and digital audio recorder. When used with special digital paper, it records what it writes for later uploading to a computer, and synchronizes those notes with any audio it has recorded. This allows users to replay portions of a recording by tapping on the notes they were taking at the time the recording was made. It is also possible to select which portion of a recording to replay by clicking on the relevant portion of a page on-screen, once it has been synced to the Livescribe Desktop software (Wikipedia, 2013).

What is the procedure for using a Livescribe pen?

  1. Meet with your Disabilities Specialist to discuss use of these pens. Livescribe pens, if approved, are to be used in lieu of using notetakers for classes.
  2. If the Livescribe pen is approved, meet with Kate Lucero, the Adaptive Technology Specialist
  3. During your meeting, discuss:
    • Whether or not there are any pens available.
    • How to get trained on using the pen.
    • Policies and procedures for using the pens.