The procedure below outlines the way in which you can modify time limits for a GauchoSpace exam. If this doesn't work, please contact George Michaels at Instructional Development and he should be able to assist you.  

In the current version of GauchoSpace students may have additional time by following these directions:

In the “Quiz Administration” panel, select “User Overrides” and for each individual, provide a longer time limit. This must be done on a case by case basis for each DSP student in accordance with their extension of time.  The extension of time allocated to each student is indicated in the instructor letter you received from the student indicating they were registered with DSP - proctor requests will not be submitted for each exam if a proctor is not needed, the Instructor Letter should suffice for providing this information.

Administer Group Overrides

The “Quiz Administration” panel also allows for “Group Overrides”. So if the faculty member wants to create an extended time group, first choose the Add Group Override option:

Select Group Overrides

And then assign all of the students who need 150% time to one group and all of the students who need 200% time to a separate group. You will then be able to use the “Group Override" settings to provide extra time/attempts for everyone in the group as appropriate as shown below:


Edit Group Override

Please note: Faculty assume sole responsibility for extended time calculations and for conveying any changes to the student if times differ than from those in DSP portal system.

If you need assistance with this feature, please contact :

George H. Michaels, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Instructional Development
University of California Santa Barbara 93106-3200
(805) 893-2378   FAX (805) 893-5895