Apply to Be a DSP Exam Proctor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DSP Exam Proctor! The application process is only a few steps. If you have any questions please contact our Proctor Coordinator at 805.893.6077.

  1. Complete the Proctor Application through the DSP Portal.
  2. If approved, you will be emailed and will be required to send in a cover letter and resume.
  3. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted.
  4. If hired you will need to attend a mandatory one-hour, paid orientation at the DSP office at 2120 Student Resource Building. Please call ahead of time to schedule the orientation and bring two forms government-issued identification.
  5. Abide by the Proctor responsibility and guidelines as stipulated below.

By submitting an application for employment for this position, the applicant authorizes the hiring agency to access their academic record for the purpose of confirming enrollment status and related eligibility for student employment.


Please check UC Path for your next pay date.

*Note: You need to complete all hiring paperwork and complete your timesheet within the pay window in order to get paid.

List of Acceptable Forms of Identificationpdf_icon

Send payroll questions to Elizabeth Ross:

Proctor Responsibilities & Guidelines

As a DSP exam proctor you are to:

  1. Maintain the integrity of the testing environment
  2. Ensure that disability-based exam accommodations are provided
  3. Formally report all incidents of academic dishonesty and student misconduct

Office Policies and Procedures As a DSP exam proctor you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Confidentiality: You are not allowed to disclose any information about DSP students to anyone that is not a DSP employee. When appropriate you may inform the instructor, TA, or departmental representative of your role, but discretion is advised. Identify yourself as an exam proctor employed by DSP.
    All information you access within the DSP Online Services Portal is privileged and must be kept private.
  • Communication: As an exam proctor, it is imperative that you establish an open line of communication with DSP. DSP will contact you by email or phone in the event that any changes are made to your jobs. Always be prepared to contact DSP in the event that there is an issue during an exam, and always leave a “note” on your electronic timesheet about how the exam went. DSP will require a written report from you if an incidence of academic dishonesty or student misconduct occurs during an exam.
  • No Tolerance Policy: DSP reserves the right to terminate your employment immediately should you be in direct violation of any DSP/UCSB policies or procedures.

Signing up for Proctor assignments

  • You are welcome to sign up for as many proctoring assignments as you would like, but you cannot sign up for overlapping exams.
  • PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FREQUENTLY. If any additional students are added to your job or any changes are made to the exam, you will receive an email notification from the online system or a personal call or email from DSP staff. Make note of these changes prior to going to the exam.

Proctor Compensation

  • For calculating your time worked: cite the “Actual Proctor Start Time” as when you pick up the exam(s) and “Actual Proctor End Time” as the time you drop off the exam(s) to the specified location. If these times are different than what is listed in the exam instructions, please provide an explanation in the “notes” section of the electronic timesheet.
  • If the student(s) complete the exam before the exam end time, you will not be compensated for the time remaining on the exam.
  • If your student does not arrive for the exam, phone the student and wait at the exam location for 30 minutes. You will be compensated for one hour if the student does not show up at the exam location. Make sure to contact DSP and report that the student did not take the exam. You must make written note of this on your electronic timesheet.
  • If the student and/or instructor dismisses your service as proctor, please report this to DSP. You will be compensated for one hour of your time. However, if you are notified at least 24 hours prior to the exam start time that the exam has been canceled, DSP will not compensate you.
  • Make sure to provide any notes about the exam in the box provided on your electronic timesheet. This may include any incidents of cheating, any changes made to the exam, etc.

Proctor/Student Tardiness

  • If you as the proctor are late, it is grounds for termination.
  • If the student(s) are late, no extra time is to be given and the exam must be finished by the “Exam End Time” listed in your exam instructions.
  • If the exam starts late due to another reason (i.e. professor tardiness, problem with pick-up location, etc.), the student should receive their full allotted time for the exam. Please call DSP if this happens.

Proctor Cancellation


Proctor Preparation

  • You must bring a printed copy of the exam instructions and a photo ID with you to every exam that you proctor.
  • Arrive at the exam pick up location at the designated pick up time. Meet with the contact person at the pick-up location (normally the professor or dept. representative) to see if there are any special instructions for the exam. You must show the contact person your ID and copy of the exam instructions in order to receive the exam(s).
  • You are not required to bring any exam response materials (blue books, etc.) or accommodations to the exam. Students are required to request exam equipment (i.e. laptops) from the DSP office prior to the exam.

Proctoring Procedures

  • When the student(s) arrives, be sure to verify their identity via picture ID. Then, immediately review the exam instructions to ensure the student of the exam materials allowed.
  • You are not allowed to proctor for any student that is not registered with DSP. Call DSP immediately if a student shows up that is not on your list or an instructor/TA places an unknown student in your exam location.
  • If there is a conflict between the exam instructions and what the student(s) says the examination accommodations and permitted materials should be, contact DSP immediately. Inform the student that the exam may proceed based on the exam accommodations detailed in the instructions OR the student may decline their services and contact DSP when staff are available.
  • Before the exam start time, be sure to secure all non-exam related materials. This includes but is not limited to backpacks, books, notes, coats/jackets, MP3/CD players, and cell phones. Review the exam instructions to determine prohibited testing materials.
  • Students are not permitted to study at the exam location.
  • Non-Active Proctoring: You may not read the exam aloud to the student and/or record the student’s responses. Due to the nature of a non-active Proctoring assignment, you may read or work silently. Please be attentive to the student (s)’ comfort level and needs at all times.
  • Active Proctoring: This entails actively assisting the student in a private setting as they take the exam. The exam instructions and the student’s accommodation will list your responsibilities. You may not read or work silently during the exam.

    Exam writer: You are required to record the student’s responses verbatim in the requested format (blue book, short answer, etc). You may not correct grammar or answer questions for the student.

    Exam reader: You are required to read the exam to the student and the student must record their own responses. Students are not allowed to ask you any questions about the exam. They may only ask you to repeat what you have read.

    Exam tracker: This applies to Scantron exams only. The student will respond to exam questions and you must make sure that the responses are recorded correctly on the Scantron.

    Laptop Exams: You must be seated behind the student so that you can monitor the student’s work. Students may not access the internet or any non-permitted programs. You must also confirm that there are arrangements in place for returning the exam to the instructor and oversee the submission of the exam. If the student is using a DSP laptop, you should encourage them to save a copy of the exam on the laptop.
  • Prohibited Proctor Activities During active or non-active exams, the prohibited activities of a proctor include, but are not limited to: Sleeping, mobile phone conversations or voicemail review, text-messaging, music playing, laptop use, typing, and/or eating.
  • Restroom Breaks If you need to go to the restroom, try to go before the exam start time OR wait until the student requests to go. Only allow one student at a time to go and keep track of when the student left and returned. Students may not take any personal items or exam materials with them when leaving the room for any reason. Concern about delay in return should be noted in the electronic timesheet and mentioned to DSP staff via e-mail. REMEMBER, you are responsible for the exam and response materials; be sure that all examination materials accompany you to the restroom. Be sure that the non-exam related materials are secured and placed in a manner that tampering would be obvious.
  • The role of the proctor is to supervise the exam, not assist with the exam in the form of defining vocabulary and/or answering questions. If the student does not understand a question, do not attempt to clarify. Instead, suggest to the student to write a note on their exam sheet, scratch paper, and/or in the blue book/exam answer sheet (excluding Scantron). If the student does not cooperate with this suggestion and persists with asking you exam questions or definitions, please contact DSP immediately and record the incident in your electronic time sheet.
  • If an emergency arises during the exam (e.g. you get sick, the student gets sick), take the exam and response materials with you and report directly to the instructor or the department and immediately contact the DSP office.
  • Make certain that you collect each exam from the student(s) at the exam end time. You are solely responsible for returning the exam(s) to the return location; the student MAY NOT do it for you.

Distressed Students Response Protocol

As a DSP Proctor you are a link in the chain of communication between students and DSP staff. Due to the fact that you work with students with a wide range of disabilities and stress levels, it is likely that you will occasionally encounter a distressed student. It is important that you are prepared to deal with such students in an empathetic and professional manner. In the event that you encounter a distressed student whether through phone or in person, it is important that you contact the DSP office at the numbers above. Remember, your reaction time is key in resolving an incident!