Welcome to UCSB!

For new and returning students, you have made a great choice to enroll in one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the country. The focus of the Disabled Students Program (DSP)’s mission is to ensure full participation and equal access to all educational activities and classes at UCSB, and to facilitate student success for students with disabilities.

Here at UCSB, we view academic accommodations as a shared responsibility, with students, staff and faculty working together to ensure access to a range of services that level the playing field for students with disabilities. DSP holds the current documentation that students supply when they apply for services, and evaluate the current impact to determine reasonable accommodations. Our on-line system is a great asset in arranging for these accommodation, and students can activate for their approved accommodations whenever the quarter begins (hopefully, at the beginning of the quarter).

Our office has seen remarkable growth in the past 5 years, to our current level serving over 1700 students. We are proud to serve both Undergraduate and Graduate students, and continue to meet the challenges of providing equal access to students at UCSB.

Thank you for visiting our website. DSP is located in the Student Resource Building (SRB) on the second floor. We look forward to seeing you on campus!